Our Team

A Jersey native with a passion for all things fire protection, Jeremy heads up Brecco’s product development, sourcing, and national sales efforts. Jeremy joined Brecco as President following a ten year career with a leading PVF manufacturer. A manufacturing and distribution aficionado, Jeremy also boasts a Juris Doctorate from Rutgers School of Law. When he’s not cheering on his favorite (ironically) New York sports teams, Jeremy likes to spend his down time cozied up with a cold beer and a good Nicholas Sparks movie.

Jeremy Friedman

President of Brecco Distribution Corp

Whether you want to know the ins and outs of our industry or are looking for the best eateries across the South East, I'm your guy. I've been in the Waterworks industry for around 40 years. My experiences with people in this business has allowed me to find my niche as a sales representative. I've been happy to provide my services with multiple brands and companies throughout the years. I currently manage the entire South Eastern division of sales ranging from Tennessee to Florida. Working with Brecco has brought a new energy to what I enjoy doing on a daily basis. 

I enjoy a perfectly blended pair of cotton/polyester high ankle socks.

Jeff Robinson

South East Sales Manager

Californian born and raised. Over the past few years I have gotten to know this industry and the people who make it run on a personal level. I take pride in what I do and the people we help service. The degree of expectation to service and quality we provide here has given me the opportunity to stand behind a company and work-life balance which I can trust. 

I enjoy a good pair of velcro strapped shoes!

Kristina Martinez

West Coast Sales Manager

What can I say? Moshe is your go to problem solver for all service needs. He's been in this industry for over 5 years now and has been able to pick up more than a few tricks of the trade. He enjoys his fair share of laughs and is never one to lack the perfect analogy. 

Fun Fact: He also enjoys cutting lines for roller coaster rides at six flags.

Moshe "The Don" Leder

Head of Customer Service and Operation Manager

Jack of all trades, master of none, who enjoys bringing energy and a good time to the industry. Enjoys travel, sports, music and the finer things in life.

Fun Fact: None of his watches tell time. He claims "to live on island time." He's learned this bohemian life style is not conducive to the corporate world. 

Zak Blechman

Operations and regional sales manager

Joined Brecco in March of 2018 when he moved to Arizona from Illinois. As a member of the Marine Corps, he served for 6 years in North Carolina. When he’s not working, he enjoys hiking, disc golfing, biking, traveling and much anything outdoors with his wife.

Fun Fact: He has a mean left hook. And even better customer service skills.

Marco Auriene

Operations Manager

Has been with Brecco for 5+ years and counting. Enjoys working with a team on current and new initiatives, whether big or small.

Fun Fact: I was a back up race car driver for fast and furious 2 "2 Fast 2 Furious". I lost the part to Ludacris and never looked back. 

Josue Acevedo

Regional sales manager/International sales

Born in California, though she’s lived in AZ for most of her life. When she’s not working, she spends time with her family; her sons, nieces and nephews keep her busy!

Fun Fact: I enjoy a power nap with my shoes on.

Donna Martin

Customer service and administrative support

Robert is a family man, when he isn’t working, he spends time relaxing at home with his kids and taking them on new and fun adventures.

Fun Fact: He learned how to smile at the age of 9.

Robert Ramirez

Shipping Department

When he’s not providing customers with excellent service, he enjoys playing sports and eating pizza on his free time.

Fun Fact: I have a separate pair of driving gloves. One for early morning drives and a more light weight pair for my mid afternoon drive.

Fabian Gholston

Shipping and Receiving

Anthony has worked for Brecco for 12 years and loves coming to work every day. He enjoys working with the Brecco team and believes it’s made up of truly great people.

Fun Fact: His glasses aren't for reading. They're purely decorative. 

Anthony Jefferson

Assembly Department

Has lived in Arizona most of his life and has been with the Brecco team since 2015. On his time off, you can find him flying R/C helicopters, playing guitar and riding his bike.

Fun Fact: I escaped a UFO abduction in 1986. I realized I forgot my wallet in the UFO and have been trying to go retrieve it ever since. 

Kyle Adams

Shipping and Receiving

Dominic is one of Brecco’s originals. He oversees daily operation, manufacturing, inventory control, quality control, etc. He’s loved being a part of Brecco’s growth in the fire sprinkler market and looks forward to seeing what’s next.

Fun Fact: I'm a walking advertisement for the city of Philly and can never pass up a hot plate of fagioli with a side of capicola. 

Dominic Coppola

Operations Manager

Manages execution of customer orders for carriers and transfers. He enjoys working with his coworkers and ensuring our product is taken care of and handled with care.

Fun Fact: Favorite genre of music during work is classical music. Specifically the early compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Anthony Collins

Shipping Supervisor

Robert grew up in a small city with a family of four and is new to the Brecco team. He’s a big part of the quality & inventory control initiatives.

Fun Fact: Is still teaching Keith Rusk how to pose for a photo like a regular person. 

Robert Mortimer

Shipping and Receiving

Keith grew up in a small town right across the bridge from the Super Bowl 52 Champs, GO BIRDS!

Fun Fact: I'm still learning how to pose for a picture.

Keith Rusk

Assistant Operations Manager

Dabbles in office security. Enjoys paw time, any snacks you’re willing to give him and suffers from only child syndrome.

Fun Fact: Best Looking Employee 7 years running. 


VP of Barketing